BOOST OIL Frostschutz-Scheibenklar


Windscreen cleaner concentrate with citrus scent



During the cold season, BOOST OIL Scheibenklar prevents the windscreen washer system from freezing and ensures proper view at all times thanks to the product’s excellent cleaning effect. The cleaner removes all grease and road salt residue without causing damage to rubber parts or the paintwork. BOOST OIL Scheibenklar is suitable for fan nozzles and use on polycarbonate panes. The insect removing agent makes the concentrate ideal for all-year use. Mixing ratio for summer: Add approx. 50-100 ml of concentrate to 1 l of water. BOOST OIL Scheibenklar is free of methanol. As the product is a water-mixable liquid with a flash point above 21°C, the
product is not subject to the regulations of the German Flammable Liquids
Regulation VbF.



Add BOOST OIL Scheibenklar to the water in the windscreen washer system, observing the instructions in the mixing table below and the actual temperature conditions. It is important that the concentrate cleaner is properly mixed with the water. To do this, actuate the windscreen washer once or twice to fill all lines to the
spray nozzles with the cleaning agent.


  • alcohols
  • anionic surfactants


WaterBOOST OIL Frostschutz-Scheibenklar

 * meets the requirements of the OEM manufacturer. The above values may vary within commercially accepted tolerances.