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About us

From our company headquarters in Syke, we supply national and global companies with lubricants. Fast delivery, short response times and extensive assistance are what set us apart. Due to our high quality and safety standards, you have the guarantee to choose the best quality and thus the best performance for your company. Our customers from Europe, Asia and the Middle East are traders, logistics companies, industrial groups as well as construction companies.

They all trust in BOOST OIL quality Made in Germany.

Our oil for various areas of application

Only the best characteristics of engine oil can meet the high expactations.

The first-class quality of all our products is based on our professional production as well as the purity, which is assured through continuous testing procedures.

We offer you oil for high-performance use and assure you that the lubricity of our products is maintained even under the heaviest loads. With a high-quality engine oil, you extend the intervals between oil changes and have the guarantee that you will receive the best possible lubrication.

Why good engine oil is essential

Engines have to withstand enormous loads. That is why it is so important to use the right engine oil. Under heavy load and continuous power peaks, it is all the more important that the engine is cooled and sufficiently lubricated. This protects the engine from deposits and reduces fuel consumption.

The cornerstone of engine longevity while maintaining full performance capabilities is choosing the right engine oil with the best quality.


High performance lubricants

Our products made in Germany meet the highest demands for every area of application

Fast & reliable

Thanks to the most modern filling systems, we can react flexibly to your wishes at any time

Competent consulting

Product-specific advice for every requirement

Premium quality

High-quality components guarantee excellent premium quality for all lubricants